Custom Paint & Pinstripe

Dutch on wheels collaborates with an incredibly passionate and qualified team of independent builders and artisans that together expresses the fueled love through unique bike builds. Dutch on Wheels mission is to emphasize ultimate expression of identity and design the most original creations from all over the world, to promote and represent freedom of life. 

To give you a better indication of our craft and prices we have listed the type of designs and prices for you:

CUSTOM DESIGN SMALL  [ helmets, leather jackets, boots ] Prices in between 75-300 euro 

CUSTOM DESIGN MEDIUM  [ gastank , fenders ] Prices in between 300-700

FULL CUSTOM DESIGN  [ frame , gastank, fenders ] Prices in between 700 - 3000 euro 
Pls. note that prices mentioned above are a very rough indication. Our work is custom and so are our prices.  

Contact us for all your questions about custom paint and pinstripe or for any inquiries: