Customize your style

Dutch on Wheels has more fresh ideas than boys around a bikini. Original custom-made artworks for your bike or board, crazy tanks, racing colored helmets. Custom color jobs that are positively psychedelic. Anything less would question your manhood or feminity fuel. Our collections are going to turn you on. Brace yourself. Our principles are based upon #freedom #identity #uniquenes. We are recognized for our specific freeflow style and our great eye for striking graphic design. To give you a better indication of artworks and prices we have listed the type of artwork and prices for you:
  • FULL CUSTOM DESIGN : Bike: fuel tank + frame + fenders. Prices in between 1000 - 3000 euro 
  • CUSTOM DESIGN MEDIUM lids, leather jackets, boots, skateboards, surfboards etc. Prices in between 250-700
  • CUSTOM DESIGN SMALL Prices in between 150-300 euro 
Pls. note that prices mentioned above are a very rough indication. Our work is custom and so are our prices.