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We are Dutch on Wheels. An artistic brand that celebrates artisans who embody new ways of working, extraordinary creativity and a quest for genuine top notch custom artwork. Dutch on wheels is moved by freedom, identity and uniqueness where bike, surf and board lovers gather and celebrate their interest and passion in the arts and handcraft.

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NEW RELEASES. Customized Limited edition of 5. DUTCH ON WHEELS X THE SLEEPING DRAGON. The sleeping dragon helmet is the first helmet out of the new Dutch on Wheels Japanese Arts Collection 2018 "The outlaw of the marsh '. The helmet comes in a limited edition of 5. Each helmet is hand painted and comes numbered and signed.

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DUTCH ON WHEELS has seasoned expertise at handcrafting original, authentic and identity-driven artworks. From freeflow pinstripe to your brand Logos, the attention to detail and this meticulous craftsmanship is what makes Dutch on Wheels a truly unique and valuable resource in custom artwork. 

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'I love how you use the style and tradition while making something completely unique and new'.


'If you think your helmet, jacket or a part of your motorcycle is just ordinary instead of outstanding then Lisa is the artist to create the difference'.

Jurgen van Son

Dikke Kunst!!

Marcel Miller