For motorcycle enthusiastics who intend to ride in style and uniqueness.


Dutch in Wheels has valuable expertise at handcrafting original, authentic and identity-driven artworks. From traditional freeflow pinstriping, custom paint or sign painting and lettering to graphic art and logo design. Whether you’re a daily enthusiast rider, an adventurist or an urban rider, you will find a variety of styles and products designed to boost your identity. The attention to detail and this meticulous craftsmanship is what makes Dutch on Wheels a truly unique and valuable resource in custom paint and pinstriping artwork.

'I love how you use the style and tradition while making something completely unique and new'.


Your artwork is impeccable

Wayne Elsworth

Even though my background in pinstriping is limited, I saw very quickly that I was dealing with a professional top player. And what is my surprise? Lisa was able to exceed my expectations.

Robert Asselman

'If you think your helmet, jacket or a part of your motorcycle is just ordinary instead of outstanding then Lisa is the artist to create the difference'.

Jurgen van Son

Dikke Kunst!!

Marcel Miller

Helmet Art

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