Custom paint

What is Custom paint? 

A custom is originally a motorcycle or part of the bike that is adapted to the personal taste and wishes of the owner. While builders focusing on the design and construction of bespoke custom motorcycles, Dutch on Wheels expresses her fueled love through pinstriping and qualified handcrafted custom paint.

Custom paint is the definition of special painting that is distinctive from regular paintwork. A very popular way to create a unique look to cars and motorcycles is to add, or use various techniques like pinstriping or airbrush. Special paint like pearl, metal flakes or candy can be added to the paint. This is how you create more dept or add new dimensions to your car, motorcycle or helmet. 

Over the past 5 years Dutch on Wheels explored some new techniques to work with and found a new way of working. She is now known as the one with extraordinary creativity and a quest for genuine top notch custom paint. She combines the traditional Pintriping and custom paintwork with her own meticulous craftsmanship.

 Rescent custom paint work: