About graphic artist Lisa Ottevanger

Graphic Artist and custom painter Lisa Ottevanger has been creating art that exceeds the expectations of her customers and motorcycle art enthusiasts. She has proven over time to have the passion and drive needed to bring clients’ ideas to life, her designs being created through a labour of love. If you're looking for high-quality craftsmanship, Dutch on Wheels has it in spades.

Lisa Ottevanger recognizes the incredible art in the making of custom bikes. Artisans put a lot more than just their time and energy into their work. It shows the artistry, a labour of love, the amount of time, skills, dedication and the talent of the people who make them.

Lisa brings together two incredible worlds who share the 3 basic fundamentals: Freedom, Identity and Uniqueness. First, the Artisans who give ultimate expression of the arts and second, the motorcycle enthusiastic who intend to ride in style and uniqueness.

While builders focusing on the design and construction of bespoke custom motorcycle and boards, Lisa expresses her fueled love through print and qualified handcrafted artwork.


– Lisa Ottevanger –