Welcome to Dutch on Wheels

Dutch on Wheels is established as one of the most preferred custom paint shops in the Netherlands, living and breathing every aspect of what the brand stands for. Graphic Artist and Pinstriper Lisa Ottevanger, has an eye for colour, a resource of creativity, and knowledge of patterns and textures. With a call or an email, she’ll be more than happy to channel your wild ideas to an incredible final piece.




Custom Motorcycles Paintwork

pinstriping, sign painting and lettering, adding special effects, graphic design, one colour scheme or detailed illustrations. We take pride in the level of detail that goes into every project as we understand that with special paint skills the perfection lies within the details. If you need an unrivalled custom detail, custom paint is the way to go. You’ll get the effects and unique details that standard paint jobs can’t achieve. Our graphic artist is an expert painter with decades of experience, therefore you’re assured of high-quality standards and superior custom motorcycles painting and pinstriping. There is no limit to what can be painted other than your imagination and budget! 

We paint one of a kind custom motorcycles and helmets. So if you’re looking to have a bike that stands out, get in touch. 

Helmet Painting

Mind your head. Whether you are just starting as a motorcyclist or you’re a seasoned pro, you need to step out in style. The only limit to what Dutch on Wheels can create is your imagination. Whether you have some inspiration or a full-blown design idea, we’re ready to share our expertise. 

Our founder and graphic artist assures you a meticulous approach to detail throughout the entire process; from the basic activities such as stripping, masking and sanding, to paint preparation and painting. She will give your project a keen eye from start to finish. This is done with every helmet regardless of the design complexity to ensure quality delivery at all times.