A brand new year brings new opportunities. That brings us by the realization that we all need to create them ourselves. Not so difficult for me to be honest. Dutch on Wheels is my ultimate mix for the love of motorcycles combined with my artistic expression.

When i speak with so many of you i feel the desire to ride again so deeply within you, and with no doubt within myself. The year that we just left behind was so full of restrictions and difficulties that we now even more feel the urge to ride again. I predict that riding in company or groups will be more important then riding solo. We've had enough of being solo. We want to share the fun and share our adventures. 

Riding in groups shall probably develop our longing to distinguish ourselves from others. Identity is just still a very important component of us bikers, don't you agree? We like to be recognized by what we ride and how we ride it. So being unique is our way to expresse our fueled love for our bikers lifestyle. 

And there comes in my profession as a custom-painter. My goal for the new year is to provide you all again with unique, outstanding and mindblowing custompaint and pinstripe work. There are already a few projects planned for January. Would you like to follow my workflow? Like my insta account: @_dutchonwheels_ or visit me on Facebook. 

Have questions? I am happy to connect with you. 

See you on the road.

Stay happy, stay safe!

Lisa ottevanger