BLACK FRIDAY - blogpost #1

As today is friday international BLACK FRIDAY. The day that many shops and dealers worldwide offer their products for sale with a huge discount. I recently did not know about the existence of this totally crazy day but since I launched my webshop I am encouraged to participate and use this Black Friday to persuade my customers to buy my work with a discount! I catch myself thinking and already collecting ideas about how to reach my target group with a playful campaign and see all kinds of nicely designed pictures passing by. But hey, STOP! According to my work i just can’t convince myself that joining all these sales strategies fit with how i want to represent myself as a graphic artist in this world.

I started Dutch on wheels because I dreamed of creating artistic work with 3 simple principles in mind:

#Freedom #Identity #Uniqueness

#Freedom = i do it my way, created within total freedom

#Identity = My work is identity driven

#Uniqueness = i make custom work available in 1 very limited edition.

I have been working and still work as a graphic designer in the commercial creative industry on commision base. Which for me was a reason to start making work with a more artistic approach. No deadlines, no commissions, no discounts. A huge challenge i may say.

But what about this black Friday? What about us, the people who consume too much so we keep harming our environment, what about all the plastic that we find in our oceans? What about the sources of energy that run out? Is black Friday really so important? Just don’t believe the hype! A lot of things in our world are so contradictory and so are my feelings about this.

My artistic work really comes from my soul ... the value of this is determined by the unique value or exclusivity, my skills and the amount of time i work on it. A discount would only downgrade my work considerably. Anyway, i want to be able to live well from my free art and graphic work. So this is challenge... Let's call my challenge WHITE FRIDAY!


Lisa Ottevanger