Custom bike 2014 Harley Davidson Softtail Slim

When it comes to precision, you are at the right place with Dutch on WheelsRoyal Kustom works and Precision Bobbers. An unexpected but incredible international collaboration between custom builders and custom painters from the Netherlands and Swiss. Stephan from Switzerland approached Lisa from Dutch on Wheels to create the paintwork for his 2014 Harley Davidson Softail slim. The paintwork of a motorcycle is the first thing you notice and see, but the last work that is done on the bike. And the result on this Softail Slim Harley is mind blowing. A surprising combination of the basic paintwork where Royal Jack was responsible for. Candy colors, metal flake, airbrush, clear coat and polishing jobs. The great graphic division of the gastank became the lay out of this tank. The Meticulous and refined paintwork that Lisa from Dutch on Wheels painted resulted in a surprising match with the basics. The Koi Carper consists of 23K gold platinum gold leaf with small details of bronze powder of copper and tin sprinkled over it. The Koi Karper is painted on top with a refined mack brush.


The bike is custom build by a true artisan. a small custom label that is based in Lucerne Swiss. Run by Michael. His main profession is being an Intercontinental Pilot for Swiss Airlines. But since he also worked as an airplane mechanic he loved to work (and also miss this in his job as a pilot) on planes, so he creates a little side Business in customizing Harley Davidsons. His main goals are to work as precise as working on a plane. High quality, high precision and high reliability. Every bike is a one of a kind and only produced once.

"I totally trust your artistic skills and leave it up to you" say Stephan. 'It's a privilage to create an artpiece for a client that totally trust you in the process. We started with the idea of ​​old skool flames and ended up with a gold carp' Says Lisa from Dutch on Wheels.

Custom build:

Stephans bike is a 2014 Harley Davidson Softail Slim. All the works I did on it:

- Complete Bobber Build (short rear fender hand made)

- Kellermann Atto DF tail lights

- Jeckill & Hyde Exhausts with GFK wrapped headers

Wide Bobber Handlebars

- Springer Saddle and Saddle Bag from Alex Leathercraft 24 in Germany

- Custom Tank made by you and Jack

- Tank lift

- Handcrafted Tank cover made out of aircraft alloy and rivets

- Motogadget Instruments

- Many small things like gripps, mirrors, brake handle