We are slowly leaving behind the year 2021. Filled with, sadly enough, 2 motorcycle events in which I proudly participated. The Spectacular Rotterdam Dirtride and the lovely Nostra Gambio in Genk Belgium. It was good to meet many acquaintances from the scene. No talks about this challenging time with lockdowns and states (well okay, a little bit). But it was more on sharing the love for bikes again which made us all forget this shitty time and longing for spring and riding with friends. Let's focus on this now! Making our next year, a year with unforgettable moments and adventure with positivity, gathering with friends and riding together.

I have painted a lot of gear and bikes over time and the greatest part of this was that each and every client left the building with a great smile. Truly heartwarming. It's good to feel proud isn't it? In the next year i shall focus more on my own Dutch on Wheels signature, start new collaborations, organize a Dutch on Wheels ride out and practice more on lettering and sign painting. Maybe when luck is on my side, i will move to a new workshop outside my private space. So i can invite you all to come and experience my artistic way of living the motorcycle dream :)

2022, let's go! 

Lisa Ottevanger