Scribbling, striping, or laying a line down – whatever you choose to call it – requires skill and an eye for arts. And like any other skill, it gets better with practice. Lisa Ottevanger, our founder and graphic artist has had 16+ years in the Arts & Crafts field. She’s been regarded by many as the #1 freehand motorcycle artist in the Netherlands. Custom motorcycles are her speciality!

You are guaranteed of getting the 3-dimensional quality of finished artwork that’s not available with other artists.



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 What is Pinstriping?

Pinstriping is the key to getting that special touch on your classic bike. It is done by applying a very thin line of special paint or pinstripe. Artists who need finesse use a pinstriping brush which is the best option for freehand pinstripers. The brushes come in various designs: from swords to flats, daggers, among others. It's up to the graphic artist to choose what works best for their designs.

Custom bikes designed by Choppers Inc. and Indian Larry are the most popular pinstriping exhibits. But the godfathers of what's popularly known as motorbike pinstriping are Kenny Howard, Dennis Gibbish, Dean Jefferies, and Big Daddy (Ed Roth).









Why Dutch on Wheels?

Distinctive Motorcycle Art

When it comes to creating art, experience matters. With Lisa, you are assured of top-notch work. No bike disassembly is required and everything is done freehand.

You get a touch of exclusivity. Unique style and a successful project. Whatever model you are riding, old school, sophisticated, understated, aggressive, Lisa will give your imagination and desire a personal touch. You get custom paint pinstriping services that make you stand out from the pack.


Art is an attitude, a way of living that transforms the world into something unique, giving it a personal touch. Over the past two decades, Lisa, our graphic artist, and founder has been creating arts that exceed the expectations of her customers and motorcycle art enthusiasts. She has proven over time to have the passion and drive needed to bring client's ideas to life and making all her designs a labour of love. If you're looking for high-quality craftsmanship, Dutch on Wheels has it in spades.

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