Custom paint

Custom paint

We give you one-of-a-kind custom paint jobs on your motorcycles and helmets. Our custom paint service is top of the line and personalized. Having worked in the arts and crafts industry for 16+ years we can guarantee truly unique designs made with the greatest attention to detail. Your project will be sure to become an eye-catcher. When it comes to custom painting or custom airbrush work, we will give you something you will be proud to show off. Whether it be a special design, cool graphics, metal flakes, pearl details, candy paint, powder coating, pinstriping or other special works; we are your match.


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What is Custom Paint?

Custom paint is done on a bike or parts of it to add as one's personal touch. At Dutch on Wheels, our custom paintwork involves pinstriping and creating unique handcrafted bike custom paint jobs. This can be done by adding special paint such as pearl, candy, powder coat, metal flakes, among others, or by airbrushing. In return, you get more depth and high-quality finishes.

Over the past 5 years, Dutch on Wheels has found a new way of working. Our founder and graphic artist combine the traditional Pinstriping and custom paintwork with her meticulous craftsmanship. Currently, people seek her for extraordinary creativity and a quest for genuine top-notch custom paint.


Custom paint






Our Custom Paint Services include:


  • Custom Helmet Painting
  • Custom Motorcycle Painting
  • Powder Coating
  • Candy Paint/ Pearl/ Metal Flakes Painting
  • Airbrushing Including Real Flames, Marbles, Textures, Lighting, etc.
  • Blending/Fading, Pinstriping
  • 3D Graphics, Flames, Layout
  • Matching Powder coat and other Custom Paints
  • Logo and Art Designs on a bike 
  • Sketch Designs


We aim to deliver unique custom works that will make you a shop-stopper. We do this by using only the best products available on the market, premium materials and state-of-the-art technologies. Our minds are bursting with the wildest ideas – ideas that will lead to your project becoming something to show off. 

With custom paint, there is no limit on how outrageous you can get. Just take a look at the custom paintwork we have created over the years. Our attention to detail, reputation, and high-end finishes have made us a premier custom paint shop in the Netherlands.  

Let’s make your fantasy come alive. We guarantee to meet every project with individualized attention. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality workmanship at a reasonable price.

Contact us today for your unique wishes - such as custom motorcycles!